Morgan Heritage Avrakedabra Vinyl

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Morgan Heritage Avrakedabra Vinyl

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Morgan Heritage's vinyl, Avrakedabra. Released 2017 on hot pink vinyl.


*Side One:
1. Want Some More (Featuring Mr. Talkbox)
2. One Life To Live
3. One Family (Featuring Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley)
4. Golden
**Side Two
1.  Tribute to Ruggs (Featuring Bunny Ruggs)
2.  Reggae Night (Featuring Drezion)
3.  Selah
***Side Three
1.  Ready For Love (Feturing R. City)
2.  Pineapple Wine
3.  We Are (Feturing Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island)
4.  Dream Girl
****Side Four
1.  Ride and Roll
2.  Harder Than U Know
3.  Dancing in the Moonlight